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NO26.How to connect DVR/NVR on computer browser?

 This way can use for both local view and remote view.

Pls refer to these steps below.

1. Pls use an Ethernet cable to connect your DVR to your router.
2. Pls refer to this link below to check if system has connected to router and Internet successfully.


3. Pls find your system's serial number(SN).


4.Pls open website

You  had better use IE, not chrome, not firefox, not EDGE for win 10.You can refer to this link to use IE in win 10.


 It will ask you to install a plug-in and pls install it.

If you find you can't install active plug-in,you can refer to this link below to solve it.


6.If you log in by user,you can refer to these links below.

Here is instruction where to find serial number of system.



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