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How to connect the battery camera to the phone app

This FAQ suitable for: I21FF

Please confirm that your phone has successfully connected to the network. (taking an Apple phone as an example)

A: Open the app and click "Register";


B: Please enter your email address and follow the steps to complete the registration;


C: Click "+" in the upper right corner


D: Select "Battery Camera"



E: According to the prompt, click "Next";


F: Enter the current Wi-Fi password and click "Next"


Note: The camera is only available for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi.

G: Take the QR code face the camera lens at about 15-25cm. After the camera scans the QR code successfully, it will sound a tone. Please click "Next"


HConnect camera to the network; after the connection is complete, you can edit the camera name and click “Finish” to open the camera;


JNow you can view the device.


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