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What to do if phone can't connect camera?

This FAQ suitable for: I21FF

1. Download and install the APP

Go to "Google Play" or "App Store" in your mobile phone, search for "CloudEdge", and then download and install it on your phone.

2. Confirm your Wi-Fi status

A. Check if your wireless router has enabled DHCP and if it is 2.4 GHz network. (The device does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi currently.)

B. Ensure your smartphone has been connected to the wireless router.

C. Ensure there is no special character in the Wi-Fi name and password, and their length does not exceed 30 digits.

3. Check the device connection

(1) Please check if the device has power

1) Press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds. If the device still has power, the work indicator is in slow flashing red light, indicating that the WIFI state is waiting to be configured.

2) If the device does not respond to hold on press the power button, indicating the power is not enough to start, Please plug in the DC5V power supply for 15 minutes. Then, the charging indicator is in steady red (charging full state is in solid blue);

Note: The DC5V power supply is not included in the package.

(2) Indicator description

1. Working Indicator description

Slow red light: waiting for pairing wifi

Fast red light: pairing wifi

Solid blue light: pairing success

Operating status:

Red light on 1 seond and turn solid blue:

The PIR detects that there is a human body, and wakes up the device to enter the recording state

Solid blue: View live image in app

2. Charging indicator description

Not charging full is in solid red, Charging full is in solid blue.

3. Add equipment (take Apple mobile phone as an example)

A: Open the app and click "Register";

B: Please enter your email address and follow the steps to complete the registration;

C: Click "+" in the upper right corner;

D: Select "Battery Camera"

E: According to the prompt, click "Next";

F: Enter the current Wi-Fi password and click "Next"

Note: The camera is only available for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi.

G: Take the QR code face the camera lens at about 15-25cm. After the camera scans the QR code successfully, it will sound a tone. Please click "Next";

H: Connect camera to the network; after the connection is complete, you can edit the camera name and click “Finish” to open the camera;

J: Now you can view the device.


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