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What to do if the mobile phone cannot be connected to the camera?

This FAQ suitable for: I21BP/I21BL/I21EG/I41EE/I41EF/I41DC

1. Download and install the APP

Go to "Google Play" or "App Store" in your mobile phone, search for "SanEyes", and then download and install it on your phone.


2. Confirm your Wi-Fi status

A. Check if your wireless router has enabled DHCP and if it is 2.4 GHz network. (The device does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi currently.)

B. Ensure your smartphone has been connected to the wireless router.

C. Ensure there is no special character in the Wi-Fi name and password, and their length does not exceed 30 digits.



3. Check the devices connection status

A. Use the standard power supply or 12V power supply to connect to the devices DC interface, and the device will be started. Use an object to block or use your finger to cover the device's light-sensitive resistor and detect whether the device's infrared light will be illuminated.


B. Connect to the wireless router. Connect one end of the network cable to the wireless router and the other end to the network port of the device. The device will automatically connect to the router, and please wait about one minute. (At this time, the indicator light on the network port of the device will be always on.)


4. Connect the device (take iPhone as an example)

A: Open the APP and click the "+" button.

B: Click LAN Search.


C: The APP will automatically find the devices ID, and then please click "Add".


Note: If it cannot find the devices ID, please press the devices reset button to reset the device and return to reconfigure.


5. After the device is added successfully, then you can start to watch the device. (In order to protect your IP camera, it is advisable to change the camera's default user name and password.)

Note: Please refer to the user manual for the detailed steps on how to change the wired connection method into Wi-Fi connection method.



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