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How to access the device via PC client?

This FAQ suitable for: I41HD

Open IE or other browsers and input the following website:

For Windows Version:

For Apple MAC Version:


Download the [DanaCMS] package and install it.

Select [English] and click OK.

 Select the destination location for installation and click Next.

Click Install to install DanaCMS.

Note:Please confirm your device has been added to your account via the mobile APP.

 Please input your account and password, then click Login to log in.

Please select a window mode in the upper right corner.

Here we take the second mode as an example. Select the second window mode, and you will find the information of the device which you added via the mobile APP on the right side, as shown below:

Please select a channel and double-click the added device. Now you can preview the device, as shown in the picture below.

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