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NO36.What to do if DVR or NVR can't connect cloud?

Please plug recorder into router with an ethernet cable if you want to view on phone or computer locally or remotely.

You can refer to this pitcture below to check whether recorder has connected to cloud.

If the Nat Status is not connected, it means recorderdidn't connect to cloud successfully.

You can refer to these ways below to  have a try.

1. Pls check the yellow and green light on the ethernet port of recorder. One should be flashing which means recorder has connected to internet successfully. 

If NOT, please change the ethernet port of router or another reticle to have a try.

3.Pls go to Main Menu----System---Network to make sure DHCP is ticked.

4. Pls go to Main Meun-Advanced to click Restore to reset recorder to factory default.

5. If you can, pls use another router to have a try.

6. Pls send email to to ask new firmware to upgrade. But you need tell us  your system's model. You can find it at your recorder's bottom. It is made up of numbers and letter such as DL81A. 

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