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How to view your CCTV cameras online remotely?

Homeowners and business people who install a CCTV camera surveillance system to protect their homes and businesses against intruders can now have the convenient option to view the footage taken by their system online or on a mobile device. This viewing capability is particularly recommended for busy individuals who want to check on their business or home regularly or to check on false alarms.




The latest developments in video surveillance technology, as well as the advent of the Internet, have allowed the remote monitoring of CCTV surveillance systems from an Internet-enabled personal computer (PC) or mobile devices such as smartphones.

In this article, we discuss how to successfully set up the remote viewing capability of a CCTV surveillance system, as well as the necessary remote viewer applications (apps) to do so, and some benefits of remote viewing of security systems.


The Difference Between Remote Video Surveillance and Mobile Monitoring


Many people are somewhat confused by the difference between remote video surveillance and mobile monitoring. In remote video surveillance, a user can remotely view the live feeds taken by a surveillance system from his PC or laptop computer from anywhere in the world as long as there is Internet access.

Mobile monitoring meanwhile, is the ability to view live feeds from a surveillance system through the user’s mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. To achieve this, users should download and install the mobile remote control app that’s compatible with their devices.


Benefits of Remote Surveillance Monitoring of Businesses and Homes


There are several benefits of remotely monitoring your business or home while you are traveling, away at work, or on vacation. Among these benefits are:


– Remote monitoring can reduce employee and customer theft, as well as improve worker productivity.

– Eliminates underproduction, extended breaks, as well as the improper behavior of the employees if they are aware that they are being monitored by management.

– Effective in preventing such crimes as armed robberies, burglaries, and break-ins in both home and business premises as the system can provide early warning alerts and 24-hour surveillance.

– The ability to monitor activities and visitors in your home, particularly those of your children or pets.


Methods to view your surveillance system remotely


There are basically two ways to set up your CCTV surveillance camera system for remote viewing. The two methods are through a computer connection or via a router connection.


Setting up a computer connection a remote viewer


In setting up a PC remote control, you should install a video capture card into your computer, particularly if your system does not have an Ethernet connection or if there is no digital video recorder (DVR) connected to your system. You should also install the drivers and video capture software for the card.

After connecting the computer to your CCTV system, your next step is to launch the compatible video streaming software. After configuring your video capture card as a streaming source, you are now ready to remotely view the feeds from the system using your computer as the streaming device.


Setting up a router connection for remote viewing


The first step in this method is to connect the system’s Ethernet-enabled DVR to your computer network router via an Ethernet cable. On your monitor, configure your system to access its Internet options and set up video streaming capability. You are now ready to remotely monitor your system by using its Internet Protocol (IP) address.

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Some necessary tools or remote control APPs for mobile monitoring


Here are some CCTV and IP security camera monitoring apps for iOS and Android mobile devices:


1. iCamViewer for iOS mobile devices– This is a free mobile video surveillance remote control app from CCTV Camera Pros. This app can be used for both IP and CCTV cameras as long as they are connected to a compatible network surveillance DVR or network video server.

2. XProtect Mobile for iOS and Android mobile devices– This free app from Milestone Systems A/S can view live videos from one or several cameras. Its other features include the ability to play back video recordings, digital pinch to zoom, the ability to control pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras, and can connect to multiple cameras from different locations.

3. Smartvue S9 app for Android and iOS mobile devices – This free remote viewer app from Smartvue enables live video surveillance monitoring when paired with Smartvue S9 Series video servers, the Cloudvue or InsightServer cloud surveillance service. It can also be used for several IP cameras such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Axis, Sony, and Vivotek.

4. VMobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices – This free remote control app from QNAP Systems, Inc. can be used to access a video surveillance system anytime and anywhere around the world as long as there is a Wi-Fi or 3G network connection. Among its advanced monitoring features are multiple live streams, adjustable display modes, instant alarm notifications, and preset position control.

5. MobileFocus for iOS and Android mobile devices – This free remote viewer app from EverFocus Electronics Corp. allows users to link their EverFocus DVRs and IP cameras through their smartphones. Among the app’s key features are live view and audio, channel control, gesture PTZ control, gesture digital zoom, mobile/second stream, and devices management.

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Having a high quality surveillance and security system is an effective and proven way to deter property crime and break-ins. Now, by using the latest apps and hardware, remote monitoring and mobile monitoring on smartphones is easier than ever. It’s a great upgrade to an existing system and adds a powerful new layer of protection for home and business security.