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How to save money when buying home security systems

With increasing incidences of thefts and burglaries in U.S. homes in recent years, the installation of a surveillance security system has become a necessity. Based on statistics from by Simon Hakim/Erwin Blackstone, houses with installed security systems are a third less likely to be burglarized than those without. Not only that, but the few homes with installed systems that were burglarized, were found to incur fewer losses than the unprotected ones.

Installing a security system, however, does have a monetary cost that must be considered. Although it is proven that having a security system is effective in deterring thefts and burglaries, budget-conscious households may have second thoughts before installing one in their home due to cost concerns.

To help those who want to save money when buying and installing a home security system, we offer some money-saving tips. But before going further, let us first discuss some benefits of having a home security system.

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Home security system benefits:


  • Protect Family and Property

The main reason why homeowners install security systems is to protect their family members and possessions against intruders. Based on the book “Securing Home and Business: A Guide to the Electronic Security Industry,” by Simon Hakim and Erwin Blackstone, houses with no security system are 2.7 times at greater risk of being burglarized than those with installed systems.


  • Provides Protection against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Fires

Security systems, particularly monitored ones, are also effective early warning systems in cases of fire. Said systems warn homeowners when they detect smoke in the house and also pinpoint the sources of heat, as well as inform authorities.


  • Reduces Homeowners Insurance Cost

Homeowners in the U.S. are mandated to get a homeowners insurance policy. The cost of insurance varies by state, payment plans, and type of house. In general however, a 10-20% discount on insurance price is given to houses with functioning security systems.


Money-Saving Tips when Buying Home Security Systems


  • Choose a wireless system over a wired one

Wireless systems that operate over IP networks typically involve much more simple installations and therefore, lower costs. Most IP systems can be installed by competent DIY’ers and won’t require expensive wiring or home modifications such as drilling and running cables in walls.


  • Installing outdoor dummy security cameras

Dummy cameras are no substitute for the real thing. Many professional burglars can distinguish between dummy cameras and the real thing, however, they can be part of a larger plan when building a security system. They can be installed temporarily in expanded areas until budget allows for a full security upgrade.


  • Shop online

The lower overhead and operating costs of online retailers allow them to sell their products at heavy discounts. Shopping online is safe, fast, and easy. Users should ensure that they purchase from a reputable company with good after-sales service and a wide inventory.


  • Selecting a non-monitored alarm system over a monitored one

Professionally monitored systems require monthly service fees. These fees can add up. Users should evaluate their unique security requirements to determine if this is necessary. Many security systems include a siren or police alert when an intruder is detected and for most homes, this is an adequate deterrent.


  • Buying a system with wide compatibility

If a monitored system is required, choose one that can work with a variety of alarm companies or central monitoring stations. This will allow the user to price compare for monitoring services.


  • Choose products with better warranty

Users should take care to choose a system with a good warranty on both parts and labor. This can save on costly maintenance or repair costs.


  • Price compare

When shopping for systems of similar quality and features, price compare across a variety of retailers. A little homework can yield big savings when it is time to buy.


  • Use coupon codes and promotions

Before making a final purchase, search coupon sites for codes that may apply. Additionally, keeping an eye on the upcoming special promotions from a selected retailer can significantly lower costs.


Recommended Affordable Home Security Systems:


Below are some recommended quality and affordable security systems from the brand SANNCE. The company is among the leaders in the security industry. Its products include DVR/NVR security systems, IP cameras, and smart doorbells. The company reliably serves users and happy customers worldwide.


1.SANNCE 16CH 1080P AHD Security System DVR + 16 x 2MP Bullet Cameras (C51N)


This system is recommended for both home and office applications. It features the newest analog high definition (AHD) technology for clear views even in pitch-black areas. Other features include advanced peer-to-peer (P2P) cloud service, intelligent motion detection and motion alert, and remote access on smartphone or tablet computer. The system can be purchased at Sanncestore for $699.99.


2.SANNCE 4CH 1080P AHD Security System DVR +4 x 2-MP Bullet Cameras


This system also features the company’s latest AHD technology for detailed and clear video. It also features a 4-channel video input that ensures full coverage, a 100-feet infrared (IR) range, a QR-code scanning for application (app) control, an intelligent motion detection and email alert, and an advanced P2P cloud service. The package costs $169.99.


3.SANNCE 121AD HD 720P Video Two-Way Audio WI-FI IP Camera


This stand-alone Wi-Fi enabled camera can be installed without a PC and can connect to a network without an Ethernet cable by using the included free app. It features a two-way audio baby monitor, a separate local recording and remote viewing capability, and a clear and crisp IR night vision at a range of up to 10 meters. It also has easy rotatable head and lens and supports up to 64-gigabyte (GB) of TF card storage. Available for only $29.99 at Sanncestore.