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Essential home security tips for homeowners

With the increasing number of burglary cases in the U.S. increasing year on year, homeowners should invest time and money in order to make their home more secure against burglars and thieves. To help them in deciding how to effectively protect their abode, homeowners should take the time to review home security tips on the Internet or seek the advice of home security professionals in their community.


Here, we present several home security tips to serve as a guide to homeowners in making their home more burglar-proof. These home security tips generally apply to all kind of houses and homeowners are advised to select the ones that are most applicable to the unique needs of their homes.




Here are some of the best home security tips that we gathered:


Train every member of your family to make home security a habit


You should conduct routine household meetings to teach the importance of security and train every member of the family including children, on how to effectively secure the home. Among the simple rules that should be taught are locking every door and window when leaving, after entering, and before going to bed. Always close and lock the garage door. Locking the doors even when you are just outside or in the yard, and making sure that any available alarm system is on and armed at all appropriate times.


Develop good relationships with your neighbors


You should make an effort to meet and get to know your neighbors and develop friendships among them as a supportive community. It is one of the best tools to protect your home and family.  You can also organize a neighborhood watch program in collaboration with your local police to make sure that suspicious activity and people will be easily identified to prevent any harm done to neighborhood properties. You can also conduct regular security audits from time to time to identify any security flaws in your neighbors’ homes.


Eliminate all possible areas around your house where prospective burglars can hide


You should regularly trim trees and shrubs around your house to eliminate any possible cover for burglars and thieves. Another recommended method is to plant thorny plants like holly or roses around property perimeters to deter burglars from hiding in or crossing them.


Installing adequate outdoor lighting around your house


Be sure to install outdoor lighting with motion detectors in strategic locations outside your home. A motion-activated light has proven to be effective in deterring burglars from entering a property or home. Such lights can also alert your neighbors that someone is around your house, particularly if they know that you installed lighting for that purpose.


When you are going on a vacation, make it appear that your house is occupied


If you are going on a long vacation or leaving your home for a day or two, take efforts to make it appear that your home is occupied. Some of the ways to do it are installing automatic timers on your lights and other appliances like TVs and radios so that they are turned on and off in a way that resembles your usual patterns.


Consider a pet such as a dog


Having a dog in your house is a good deterrent against prospective burglars because it can effectively detect when a stranger is around the house. A dog’s loud bark is a warning to burglars, who will retreat in the face of attack by an animal or detection from the noise.


Check and replace old locks in your house


You should conduct a regular inspection on the locks in your house to ensure that they are in good condition and replace any locks that you think could be easily compromised or bypassed by burglars. Make sure to install good quality deadbolt locks with anti-picking features. Also, make sure that the strike plates of the locks are heavy duty and made of solid metal and use extra long screws to attach to the doorframe.


Install metal enclosures around ventilation outlets

Your air conditioning and heating outlets can be possible entry points for thieves so make sure to enclose them with fabricated metal enclosures.


Refrain from hiding spare keys in places like beneath a rock

The practice by many homeowners to hide their spare keys in such places as inside their mailboxes or beneath plant boxes is well-known by burglars and thieves so avoid doing it. Rather, you should give your spare keys to a trusted neighbor for safekeeping.


Install a home security surveillance system

A growing number of households and businesses have already installed surveillance systems due to their effectiveness in deterring thefts and burglaries. Modern surveillance systems allow real-time remote monitoring allowing homeowners to check on their home anytime and anywhere. Some systems also have messaging capabilities to alert operators or homeowners in case an intruder enters their property, as well as in such emergencies as fire or a carbon monoxide leak.


Consult your local police concerning the security requirements of your house

You can ask your municipal police officers to inspect your home to identify possible security flaws and recommend strategies to strengthen security. A number of local police departments in the U.S. provide complimentary house inspections to help homeowners for this purpose.



Homeowners who implement some or all of these recommended home security tips should not expect that their houses will 100% against burglars and thieves. However, there is a greater possibility to avoid the situation if you adopted all or some of these useful safety tips. Keeping home security in mind can be the difference between keeping your home safe and having the unthinkable happen. Be serious about the safety of your home and family and always be vigilant.