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7 Home Security Tips For The Holidays

7 Home Security Tips For The Holidays

Holidays are supposed to be a time where you kick back your feet in relaxation. Unfortunately, now that the season is in full swing, a lot of burglars are working tirelessly to invade your home when you leave. Whether you are planning to go for a vacation, visit friends and relatives or even just for short shopping binges you need to leave your home as secure as possible.

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Crooks also get giddy with holiday excitement because it is their prime time opportunity for taking advantage of empty homes with lots of expensive gifts and property. Here are some top home security tips for the holiday that will ensure that you have a peace of mind while you are away, even for short periods.

Maintain A Lived-In Look

Even when you are not at home, you should create an illusion that someone is still around. Burglars can detect signs of an empty home. To throw them off, you can use automatic timers that can switch lights on and off to make your home look and feel occupied.

Involve Your Neighbour

You can inform your neighbour of your vacation plans. If you have a neighbourhood watch group that’s even better, alert them. That way they can stay on high alert for any kind of suspicious activity around your house, giving your home some extra security.

Don’t Let Your Post Pile Up

Piled up post is a quick tell-tale sign that no one’s home, making your property an easy target for crooks. You prevent this by calling the post office beforehand to put your mail on hold while you are away. Apart from that? you can also request your neighbour to collect your post and newspaper to prevent them from piling up.

Invest In A Smart Home Security System

Statistically, homes that don’t have a security system fall victim to home invasions three times as much. For the safety of your home, it is prudent for you to invest in a Sannce smart home security system with HD cameras that will monitor your home 24/7. That way you can keep tabs on your home with live video streaming via your smartphone and you will get real time alerts of suspicious movement at your home while you are away.

Use Weatherproof Security System

Make sure that your outdoor home surveillance system will stay intact whether it snows, rains heavily or there’s strong wind. With the Sannce Security Systems, you can be sure that even when weather gets harsh, your surveillance won’t be compromised while you aren’t home.

Maintain A Clear Line Of Sight

Before leaving, cut down any excess foliage that could obscure your home from your security system. Thieves are also discouraged from targeting your house if there is a clear line of sight all the way from the street. Trim down overgrown bushes and trees around windows and entryways since they may give burglars a potential hiding place.

Watch Your Social Media Posts

The information that you post online can easily be used against you. Be careful not to post about your valuables or when you plan to leave your home for vacation or even shopping. Burglars don’t just strike blindly, they do their research, don’t give them an easy time by letting them know that no one’s at home.