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CCTV in Your Home – Installation Tips, Tricks and Advice

CCTV cameras are among the most powerful pieces of tech that you can use against any home intruder. Criminals are easily scared off with the sight of security cameras because they obviously don’t want to leave a record of evidence behind. Apart from preventing break-ins, surveillance systems can also make your life easier since you can know what’s happening around your home in real time. Whether it’s night or day, you can check who’s at your doorstep or check up on your kids or even pets whenever you want.

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For such a level of total protection with real-time surveillance, you need High Definition surveillance systems. If this is your first time, you may be rather confused and overwhelmed because you do not know the best places to install the cameras so that you can protect your loved ones and your property. Here are some of the most effective CCTV installation tips that can help you make your home safer.

The Front & Back Door Areas.

A lot of people usually place security cameras at the front door and completely forget about the back door. Statistically, thieves and burglars have been known to use back doors more often to break into homes because most people forget about placing that section under surveillance. Make sure that you install a camera in your back-door area. In addition, you shouldn’t forget about sections such as off-street windows as well. They are burglar favorites because they can’t be seen from across the street.

High Foot Traffic Areas

At your home, there are areas where anyone getting into the house will have to pass through in order to access the rest of the house. Such areas are high foot traffic areas. That means that if a burglar breaks in, he will have to pass through that area, whether it’s a corridor or a hallway. Placing your CCTV cameras at such a place will help you to easily catch the intruder in action.

Sleeping Areas and Playing Rooms

Home invaders often go straight to the master bedroom first, therefore, you must have at least a single camera strategically positioned there. Furthermore, placing cameras in your kid’s rooms makes it easier for you to monitor them. That way, you can easily carry on with cooking, working at your desk or even watching your favorite show and still check on your infant in real-time. Thanks to advanced systems from Sannce, you can monitor your kids via your smart phone from wherever you are. Although, we do not recommend leaving kids, especially infants unattended for too long.

Point The Camera in The Right Direction

Installing your CCTV cameras in awkward directions is one of the most common mistakes that people make. You have to ensure that you place the surveillance cameras at the most strategic angle. For instance, Sannce surveillance cameras with motion detection are best placed at entry points and hallways (high traffic areas). That’s because they detect motion more effectively when an invader walks past the camera and not directly towards where the camera is placed. Moreover, you need to make sure that the camera’s field of view is completely free from obstructions such as trees or sunlight glare.